Do You Know Your Gareths?

There are quite literally some Gareths.

Since the dawn of the Welsh language, there have more than likely been Gareths. Some hide in the shade, some are bound for greatness and jump into the light, others are computer programmers who quiet like coffee but not decaf. Which ever type they are there is one thing that unites them all... the name of Gareth.

The origins of a Gareth

Many believe Gareths aren't born they are honed from solid lump of Brandness. Skillfully worked night and day until they achieve a thick shiny coat of Brand Gareth that protects them from all manor of things. This is not true. It's harder to believe the truth. Gareths are created in much the same way as other people.

Why is there a need for Brand Gareth.

Well you are here. You recognise the need for Brand Gareth. People of lesser names have been unable to know the joys of having their name spelt with 2 r's or 2 a's for too long. Now they will know Brand Gareth.

The Origins of Brand Gareth

Brand Gareth didn't just happen. It took many months of skillful mixing of Brandness with the right amount of Garethnesity to get the perfect formula of Brand Gareth.  This raw Brand Gareth was then molecularity alter in a lab by highly trained scientists with lots of letters after their names.

7 Responses

  1. admin
    Just a brief bit about Brand Gareth
    • Alfred
      I wish I had been called Gareth. This brand really speaks to me. I am doomed to walk the world alone and not as a Gareth
      • Bob
        This is brilliant. I always wanted to be a Gareth
  2. I could only dream of being a Gareth, but I'm just not fabulous enough...
    • admin
      I hear your pain. I have heard this tale of woe many times. Take comfort in the fact that there are many people in the world who share your blight of not being Gareth. You now know Brand Gareth and by knowing that you are on the road to being Brand Gareth. It may not be being Gareth, but you are nearer the state of Zen like bliss than many others. May be a Brand Gareth cap or mouse mat would comfort you?
  3. Thanks to Brand Gareth I can now be as close as ever to becoming a Gareth. I would never have considered myself a brand snob like those *********'s ****s but now I am converted and devoted to Brand Gareth.
    • I blame many parents for the stigma of non-Garethness, as well as such asterisk inducing language. This is something that should be addressed by the highest authourities in the land, nah, World. In the meantime have you considered purchasing a shirt, cap and/or mouse mat to show your devotion.

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