About Us


What Is Brand Gareth.

Are you a Gareth? Do you know a Gareth?... We are here to promote and make people Gareth aware. Every day Gareths around the world are not promoted or marketed, it is our mission to correct this injustice.

This site is nothing more than a test area for me to play around on various things to see how they work. The idea for the site came about due to a statement in a performance review saying "you need to promote brand Gareth more". I was confused as to what this meant and no one really wanted to add to this so a comical idea formed in my head to take them quite literally and this is the result.

What We Do


We Are A Brand

Promoting of our brand is the reason we exist. It is our goal and purpose to let people KNOW Brand Gareth.


We Are Gareth

Here at Brand Gareth we don't just work at being Gareth, we ARE Brand Gareth. Not 9 to 5 but 24 hours 365 days a year, and if they invent another day, we'd be Gareth then too.


Let People Know

We let everyone we meet KNOW Gareth... sometimes if they like it or not. Everyone needs to know Brand Gareth.

Our Skills

What Skills does Brand Gareth Have.

Gareths as a whole, encompassing group contains many, many  varied skill sets. Here at Brand Gareth we support, encourage and promote them all. These include

  • Being Gareths
  • Being a Brand
  • Being ever so slightly sarcastic
  • Taking things literally when it amuse us
  • Referring to ourselves in the third person to make it sound like there is more than just us

These are not just skill sets. These are a mantra that Brand Gareth promotes world wide.


Our Staff

  • Gareth

    Gareth is the the founder and CEO of Brand Gareth.

Our Advantages

Just Being Gareth is Not Enough

Just being Gareth is not enough in today's cut and thrust world of being a Brand. You have to not just be good at being Gareth, you have to let the world know that YOU are Gareth... Know the Brand, be the Brand, own the Brand... Brand Gareth.

I Am Not A Gareth Is Brand Gareth For Me

In a word, yes. Brand Gareth isn't just about being a Gareth, it's about knowing Brand Gareth. Being Brand Gareth is recognisable to anyone called Gareth, be they from borders of Wales to the deepest darkest valley of Wales and all the coastal points in and around that general area.

Can I Be Brand Gareth

As said before, anyone can be Brand Gareth. It helps along the long and windy path to be called Gareth, but that is not the the be all and end all. Even a Gareth isn't born Brand Gareth, it is something that has to be worked at and honed over years and years. Your first steps are now taken. You know Brand Gareth.

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