Brand Gareth Brand...

Brand Gareth Brand...


Mmmm snuggly Brand Gareth where you need it most!

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Nothing makes a Gareth feel more connected to Brand Gareth than the reassuring snug feel of Brand Gareth Lycra enriched pants.

Not only are they specially designed to be worn in the traditional manor but they have been extensively tested in the less usual "Super Hero" over you Spandex hero suit configuration. This testing means that you can impress work colleagues wearing them in this manor around the office or people on a night out.

Please note that due to the nature of this products use we cannot accept any returns... however if you find that Brand Gareth are too awesome for you we are lead to believe there are "specialist websites" where you can sell them on.

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Stranglingly Tight, Tiny and Snug, Comfy, Loose, Double as a Parachute

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